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Outlaw Football Policies

South Jeffco Football Coaches are more than just volunteers of their time to our kids for a few nights a week each fall.  Our coaches are among the very best youth football coaches in Colorado.  We ask a lot of our coaches to assure our kids are getting the very best teaching, coaching, training, and mentoring available.  As a South Jeffco Football coach, you are expected to, among other things:
(a) comply with the Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act requirements, including taking and passing the youth coaches concussion awareness exam, and abiding by the "when in doubt, sit them out" philosophy when dealing with a concussed athlete;
(b) that all players are physically sound i.e. yearly physicals are received by the first practice that clearly states a player is physically able to perform. If an injury is realized for any reason, which directly affects their ability to perform normal football activities they must be seen by their primary care doctor.  In order to return to play the player must be accompanied by a doctor's return notice/form/slip before the head coach is allowed to let players resume live-action i.e. practice and/or games;
(c) complying with all SJSA Coaches Background Check requirements annually, without exception, before each August 1;
(d) being responsive to all parent and SJSA inquiries throughout the entire year;
(e) attending periodic South Jeffco Football meetings during the off-season;
(f) completing all administrative tasks and forms in a timely manner, including by not limited to the annual Equipment Inventory form, uniform sizing, and numbering forms, and any and all other tasks and forms as may be presented to you from time to time including any game day forms i.e. Minimum Play Waiver, Physical Forms; and
(g) complying in full with all SJSA rules, regulations, and policies - including private information of players and their families.  It is not the responsibility for any coach or team manager to act outside the rules already applied in each article or policies already set forth in the Code of Conduct, Bylaws, etc.  A coach's impact on his players goes far beyond the wins and losses and that impact can last a lifetime.  How will you be remembered by your players in 20 years?


Each tackle football team is allowed to recruit up to their roster cap number, which is determined based on the total number of registrants in that age group. Any coach can recruit as many players to the Association as they would like. A recruit is any player that has never been rostered on a JMFA roster within 2 full seasons. Per By-Laws, any recruit is not guaranteed placement; due to the fact that roster caps are determined based on total registrants.  
A recruit is any player entering the First Grade..
Voting Power & Board Meetings:

Each tackle football team has one vote per team which is the sole responsibility of the Team Manager who is a voted member of the Football Board.  Team Managers report directly to the director of football within SJSA. Per the By-laws the Team Manager executes this vote on behalf of the team.

Field Setup and Break Down:
Early / first game tackle football home teams will be tasked to set up their game fields. The last game tackle football home team(s) will be tasked to break down their game fields. Each team tasked will be notified each week via their Team Managers.
All teams regardless are responsible for cleaning up their sidelines from field equipment and trash.
Code of Conduct:

All Head Coaches are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their fans, players, coaching staff and parents per the SJSA Code of Conduct procedures that all participants must sign.  Furthermore, a
ll Head Coaches are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their team, coaches, and players at all times - this includes language and sideline behavior being respectful to the opponent at all times. If the head coach cannot manage these responsibilities you may be replaced as Head Coach at the discretion of the football director.

All Head Coaches are responsible for assuring that each and every volunteer assistant coach has submitted, and has cleared our Coaches Background Check.  This is a zero-tolerance rule as it pertains to the safety of our kids.  No person is allowed direct contact with our kids on the field without first going through and passing the background check.  Coaches who fail to comply with this rule are subject to a minimum of a 2-games suspension and up to a 365-day suspension from all SJSA activity.
Financial Responsibilities:
All SJSA Football clubs must adhere to a strict financial responsibility that requires each team in the grade class from 2nd through 7th grade to collect up to $75 per player for the sole use of banquets, game attire, trophies, and gifts for coaches and other volunteers.  8th grade is except this rule due to banquet costs typically exceeding the reasonable amount of $75 per player.  This amount should not exceed, without a vote by the team, $150 per player.  Additionally, the Team Manager is the voting member of the SJSA Executive Board, and it's their responsibility to be named on a bank account, bank card, and checkbook.  No Head Coach, wife of the head coach, assistant coach, assistant coaches wives, daughter, son, daughter in law, son in law or any relative is strictly prohibited from being named on the team's bank account, bank card or having direct access to the funds of the team.  Coaches who fail to comply with this policy are subject to a minimum of a 365-day suspension from all SJSA activity.
Outlaw Football Board